Red Pro 6TB Arrives

Western Digital recently updated their Red Pro line of NAS drives, adding 5TB and 6TB models. This brings the Red Pro in line with Segate’s Enterprise NAS drives. Both drive lines are intended for medium to large NAS servers (16 drive bays) and offer 5 year warranties.

The 5TB and 6TB Red Pro are not on amazon yet, but here’s the current pricing of what’s available:

WD Red Pro 4TB : $219.99 (55.00 $/TB)

WD Red Pro 3TB : $165.99 (55.33 $/TB)
WD Red Pro 2TB : $134.99 (67.50 $/TB)
Seagate Enterprise NAS 6TB : $304.99 (50.83 $/TB)

Seagate Enterprise NAS 4TB : $211.99 (53.00 $/TB)
Seagate Enterprise NAS 2TB : $143.39 (71.70 $/TB)