Bigger is not enough

Even tho Seagate announced “it is shipping the world’s first 8TB hard disk drive” back in August, wide availability still hasn’t been realized. Current prediction is consumers will start to see these drives later this month. While soon is never soon enough, the price will make this well worth the wait: $260. Yes, $260 for 8 terabytes ($32.50/TB).

On the heels of Seagate’s announcement, Western Digital (via HGST) announced in September they were “now shipping 8TB HelioSeal™ platform HDDs”. Much like Seagate, the “now” part was up for interpretation, since drives didn’t really reach the public until November. And your prize for super-cool HelioSeal drive? Paying $675 for 8TB ($96.43/TB). For comparison, the WD Red 6TB is $266 ($44.33/TB).

My hope is this fight for the Biggest Drive will accelerate the push down on bit prices. Maybe we’ll see a sub-$200 8TB drive before 2016?