My Book Studio LX 3TB

I recently noticed the Western Digital My Book Studio LX 3TB external drive at a local Apple store. I’ve been a fan of the My Book Studio line for some time, mostly for their Firewire 800 support, extremely quiet operation (no fan!), and LCD display, so the bump in storage is welcome. Although I’m surprised the 3TB size is only available in the My Book Studio LX; the My Book , My Book Studio , and My Book Studio II all still max at 2TB drives.

As size goes up, so does value. With this latest jump, price-per-TB has dropped to $78! Considering the enclosure is the best I’ve seen in the industry, this is a great value. While I have some dislike of their WD Smartware software and the USB-only firmware updater, I’ve been very happy with the My Book Studio’s I’ve used.

Now the only question is if I wait for the inevitable 4TB version.