Looks like my car’s passenger door was ding’ed this morning. Probably intentionally. Oh well.

The long story:

As I was pulling into the Jamba Juice parking lot this morning, a white Dodge Neon sped diagonally across the parking lot, cut me off and parked in the space I was going to use. I pulled into the next spot instead. I guess he didn’t like that, since he had to wait for me to park before he could open his door. Guess I should have followed my usual advice and “if you see stoopid, go the other way”. While in Jamba, after I ordered, I look out the window and see he’s getting in his car, closely watching my door. I assumed he was trying to avoid hitting my car, but it turns out he was admiring his handy work.

I am often amazed at how mean people can be towards other people. I know I’ll leave this world having given more than I took, which seems to make more sense than the opposite.