Enlarged Tivo

I’ve had my Series3 Tivo for a little more than a year. I haven’t watched “regular” television since. Tivo is great, and HiDef Tivo is amazing. The drawback of HiDef is needing ten times more storage. My stock Tivo has 35 HD hours of capacity:

TiVo Screenshot #1

The Tivo Community has always been large and strong, and the Series3 users are no different. They quickly found that the Series3 units could be setup to use an external eSATA drive, extending overall capacity. This was originally intended by Tivo to be a service/developer setting, since they didn’t want to deal with the support calls, but eventually made everything plug-n-play (but still call it “unsupported”).

After some research, I found the maximum workable size for the external capacity is 1TB. Some more research pointed me towards the Fantom GreenDrive II (1TB USB2+eSATA). I ordered one from buy.com and quickly received my drive.

Installation was plug-n-play; simply power-down the Tivo, connect the drive, power-up Tivo and soon after you’re walked through the setup for the external drive. The result is 179 HD hours, a net gain of 144 HD hours!

TiVo Screenshot #2

At least now I can save some programs for more than a day and not severly affect new recordings.