The New MacPro

Apple released a new MacPro yesterday. It’s an incremental upgrade, with not much changing other than the available CPU choices. This is the first Mac with Intel’s brand-new Nehalem quad-core processor, running anywhere from 2.26 to 2.93GHz. The base MacPro comes in either single or dual CPU versions, with the dual variant jumping in price rather quickly.

A loaded top-of-the-line MacPro tilts the scale at over $14,000! This is a killer system, with dual quad-core processors cranking at 2.93GHz, 32GB RAM, and 4TB of drives connected to the MacPro RAID card. But $14K?!

Apple will tell you this is not a “home computer”, but rather a Professional (ie. business) system. I suppose, if you’re looking to build a 3D rendering farm, this may be a on our shopping list.

As for me, I’ve wiped my PowerMac and getting ready to sell it (if possible?). I posted it at work, but nobody has shown any interest. I’m looking to get about $1000, which I think is a good value, especially considering the installed software. It’s actually a great system, but being PowerPC-based lowers the usefulness for most. Not sure what I’m going to do, I guess I’ll list it, with a bunch of other stuff, over the next couple weeks on craigslist. I couldn’t even think of anyone in my family that I would want to give it to.

Regardless, I think I’ll look at getting a new MacPro in about a month. No, not the $14K version.