Mac is Back

After dropping my MacBook Pro off at Apple on Sunday night, I called Monday to make sure they had taken down my problem (since the drop-off went so quickly, I feared they didn’t get the whole story). When I talked to them, it turns out the ‘drop off’ means they’ll look at it ‘when they have time’. Apparently this is usually 2-5 days later! I protested, since my intend with the drop-off was to expedite the process. I was told it would be faster to go down, cancel the drop-off processing, pick up my Mac, make an appointment, then come back and talk to the tech (ie. “genius”) directly. So, I did that and I have my laptop back with an appointment for today.

Now for the fun part. The screen works now!

My appointment is this morning, and given that I’ve gone through the trouble of saving off an image and erasing the drive, I’m going to ask they run it through some graphics tests for a few days. I suspect the problem may return if run hot for long periods of time.

In the absence of my MacBook Pro, I decided to dust off (literally) my old Mac Pro G5 and install the latest Max OSX. Sadly, I couldn’t find any install discs, so I had to pick up a new MacOSX (about $100). But the old clunker of a Mac still produces. I’m using it now to write this, and it has been running well for a couple days.

Oh, my MacBook Pro video has died again, just in the time it has taken to write this post. Fun.