My Mac Is Dead

Sometime Friday night, by MacBook Pro video died. Nothing on the LCD, nothing via the external video. Nothing. Reboot. Nothing. Clear NVRAM. Nothing.

I went to the Apple Store Saturday morning (they actually have tech support appointments before the store opens!) and the tech said something about a known issue with failing nVidia hardware. He did a couple things (well, he mostly told me to do them), but nothing helped:

  1. Turn off. Remove battery. Hold power button for 10 secs. Replace battery. Reboot.
  2. Attached external monitor to the DVI video output.

He said it’s probably going to require a logic board replacement, which means sending it out for 3-5 days. I mentioned I didn’t want to risk my data, so I asked if they could remove the drive and give it to me while they fix the hardware. Nope. But he did show me how to mount my laptop to another Mac via fireware. This is known as booting in Target Mode (hold down T while booting).

I went home with my MBP and using Target Mode, created a disk image of my drive via another Mac. I then erased all my data (again, remotely via the other Mac) before getting ready to send it off for repair.

I guess hardware fails eventually, but I’m already missing my laptop.