A few years ago at a MacWorld expo, I stopped and watched a demo of Delicious Library . I was impressed with the simple, beautiful interface, but the wow-thats-cool feature was the barcode reader via iSight. Just hold the book or DVD’s barcode up to your Mac’s iSight and it will be read the UPC and enter it into your library. Very cool. When I found out they also integrate with a bluetooth scanner (sold separately), I was sold. I walked out of that MacWorld with both the software and bluetooth scanner. Over the years since I’ve used Delicious Library to catalog all my DVDs and more recently to track my Blu-ray discs.

Earlier this week Delicious Library 2 was released and (finally) has a web export feature. I’ve uploaded my collection (only blu-ray discs, for now) and it seems to work well. The output options are rather limited (I’d like to see a more compact option), but it’s a good first step … especially the sftp support!