iPhone Sync Issues

I’ve had my iPhone for a few months now, and it’s worked nearly flawlessly. Sure, it has a few bugs, but they are mostly minor UI/usability issues.

The biggest problem I’ve run across is sync failures. It’s been pretty common this week. iTunes will open, start a sync and then fail with an error dialog telling me detail that seems only useful to developers.

The problems hit nightmare stage this morning, when after a looping-failure-to-sync, I found all music/video data on my iPhone was gone. Fear ran over me as I scrambled to check my iTunes library; what is all my music was deleted? all my videos? photos? My iTunes library was safe, so I rebooted and resynced … and waited as my ~5GB of music/videos was copied back to my iPhone.

I’m even more anxious about having sync issues now. Maybe I should backup my library soonish.