The New Place

I’ve been at my new place for about a month. Overall I’m happy with my choice, but there are some things that are not so good.

  • Parking is horrible. I asked before I moved in, “how’s the parking”, answer: “fine, there’s always a few spaces.” Well, not from what I see. Right now there are zero spaces available both in my complex and within a block on the main street. I guess I should have expected this, being in California and all, but what’s annoying is many of the complex spaces are being used for permanent storage of unused cars. Both of the two closest spaces to my unit have had two cars there for over a week, both of which are gathering a layer of dirt. Maybe I should park my car there for a month for spite. It’s very annoying.
  • Pests. Again, I asked if there were any pest or bugs problems and was told an emphatic, ‘no’. Well, my entire unit has both spiders and ants crawling at nearly all times. I’ve begun to lay ant traps, which seems to help. I’ll be spraying outside all windows/doors with a bug control soon. I think one main problem is the unit has windows from the eighteenth century, which are far from air tight (and fall out if you try to open them!). I hope the spray works, having spiders crawling around my cereal is kinda gross.