Sharing The Music

Music has historically been a shared experience, going back thousands of years. Only recently has society began to place legal walls around music and how it can be shared. While the catalyst for these restrictions can be understood (economic), it’s fairly clear that the boundaries they put in place won’t stand the test of time. I hope it doesn’t take an entire generation to pass before these walls crumble.

Big Idea of the Day: I’d like to be able to share with a friend a song I’m listening to, giving them the ability to listen to the same song, in sync with my in-progress song. Essentially a ‘hey, come listen to this song with me’, only digitally, and location independant. I don’t know of any way to do this. I know you can gift songs, you can send links to songs, but there doesn’t seem to be what, at least to me, is the natural progression of live music into the digital age.