Fully Oriented

Spent today going through the first day of orientation at VMware. The orientation lasted from about 8:30am to 3:30pm, after which I headed to my cube and began the crazy-complicated process of setting up my development environment. I left at about 7:30p, since I need to be back for more training at 9am.

Overall the orientation was mildly useful, probably could have been condensed by a few hours. There was really no lunch break, we were given sandwiches to eat while they continued to lecture and flip through slides. I would have preferred a full lunch break, maybe leaving the room?!

Once back to my cube area I ran into an old coworker from Yahoo! who has been at VMware for about 2 months. We chatted and then I found my manager, who grabbed me and took me into an in-progress multi-team meeting where I was introduced as “another ex-yahoo who is joining us today”. Oh joy.