street bball

For the first time in a couple years I spent about 90 mins yesterday playing some pickup basketball down at the local city park. Thankfully we had just enough to run a few games of 5v5 full court. Playing bball does, at times, get rather physical, so I didn’t want to play while I had my braces (could hurt myself or someone else). Good thing I held off, during my very first game yesterday I took a forearm to the mouth; I’m pretty sure my braces would have cut the guy’s arm and my mouth. My retainers (which are pretty close to a mouthguard) protected my teeth fairly well, and I just ended up with a sore lip.

I have gone a while without playing in the past, but coming back this time I really could feel the absence. All my shots were short and I missed an easy breakaway layup. But I felt I did really well on defense, making up for my lack of practice with pure hustle, having two clean steals and a few shot-changing defensive stands.

I hope I can get back on the court soon and often.

PS: As everyone was leaving I got a “hey dude, nice car” from one of the other guys. Ugh. I wish I could skin my car to look like a Accord.