Thriller Water

Back in February when I watched the Patriots get eaten up by the Giants in Superbowl 42, one of the commercials that made me think “that was dumb!” was this SoBe Life Water Thrillicious spot. It features some typically hot girl dancing to Thriller with tiny CG lizards as backup dancers. When I first watched it I initially thought it was a Geico ad, since they own my mindshare on lizards acting like people, apparently. Nope, it’s an ad for sugar water. Guess I never realized SoBe also uses a walking/talking computer-generated lizard as their spokesmascot. I was also surprised I didn’t recognize the actual person dancing; I would think a SuperBowl ad of this type would use an instantly recognizable celebrity.

I bring this up now because this ad is still playing. Just watched it this morning during SportsCenter. I had thought/hoped they would never play the ad again. Oh well. Intrigued that the ad continues to play, I decided to see if I could find out the name of the dancer. A quick search revealed her name is Naomi Campbell . Apparently she’s famous for being famous year ago.

Having a used-to-be-famous model in the ad makes no sense to me. They’d be better off going with an fresh face, someone who could launch their popularity from the ad, much like the Doritos SuperBowl ads launching Ali Landry ‘s career.