Braces Be Gone

After 26 months of aches, pains, headaches, and crazy eating restrictions, I just returned from the Orthodontist without my braces! While I’m glad to have them gone, I had become accustomed to having them, even feeling a sense of security they place on my teeth. Now I feel like my teeth are so loose they are going to fall out any minute. The main difference now that they are gone is much more visual than tactile. They don’t tell you this when selling you on the idea of braces, but fairly quickly after you get braces the entire inside of your mouth becomes callus. So callus, in fact, that the absence of my braces is only barely noticeable without actually trying to feel them.

The entire process was easy overall, and felt much shorter than then two-plus years would make you believe. I do have some criticism for the orthodontist, which I may list in another post, but I can overlook that for good results.

They did try to sell me on a permanent wire retainer for my bottom front teeth, but I resisted and will get full upper and lower snap-in retainers.