Get Over Yourself!

The New England Patriots won again last night in an amazing come-from-behind game, extending their perfect record to 12-0. As has been happening over the past few weeks, the media constantly compares this year’s Pats to the ’72 Miami Dolphins, who went an entire season undefeated. It’s a fair historical comparison, but not much more.

The problem comes up when the media drags out players from that ’72 Miami team to say how great they were. They get up on their podium, clinging to an achievement from 35 years ago, and precede to kick dirt in the faces of the Pats. Pointing to SpyGate, or the fact that the Pats “run up the score”, these commentators have a never-ending list of reasons they are far above the Pats. Old and long-since retired, these has-been players can’t find the humility to admit the Pats may do what they did, or even something better.

Note that in ’72 the Miami team only had 14 regular season games, today teams face 16 games. Is going 16-0 better than 14-0? Yeah, I think so too.

One of the biggest idiots ESPN has been dusting off is Mercury Morris. While he was a key running back on the ’72 team, he has his own problems. The history books say Morris ran for exactly 1000 yards in that magical ’72 season, but controversy surrounds the stats. Some claim the official stat was adjusted upward to give Morris exactly 1000 yards, which in a small league with a need to improve ratings, seems very possible. Also, Morris was convicted of cocaine trafficking in 1982, for which he served 3 years in prison. Why doesn’t ESPN ask Morris about his prison stay?

Morris, and all the other members of the ’72 Dolphins, need to just be proud.