Online Personal Videos

Posting video online is significantly more difficult than posting photos. Want to drop an image in your blog? Just upload the image to your site and add the appropriate IMG tage; done. The same can’t be said for online video. Sadly, there is no standard, direct in-browser support for embedded video. This means posting an embedded video on your site requires far more effort than an image. Also, videos tend to be much larger files than images, eating more bandwidth and storage. This leads most people to host videos on third-party sites that make the embedding process easy (and offload the hosting/bandwidth!), like youtube , JumpCut (or Yahoo! video ), Google Video , vimeo , , revver , MySpace , VideoEgg , or Brightcove .

The first technical question you’ll run into will be about the video format. In what format did you recorded the video? Does the site you want to upload to support this format? If your format is not supported, you’ll need to find a codec converter. You’ll also notice that each video format (codec) will produce a different size video file. Typically, recorders will produce uncompressed video (which takes less hardware, thus making the device cheaprer). The raw AVI from your digital camera may be several hundred megabytes, while the converted file only a couple megabytes.

I’ve always been a fan of the DiVX format. They’ve always been about the codec technology, producing great quality video from amazingly small files. Earlier this year, DiVX opened an online video sharing site, Stage6 . I’ve been impressed with the results so far. Clearly it’s an early-stage product with rough edges (and can be painfully slow at times), but I like the direction the site appears to be headed; and it uses DiVX!

Check out some videos I’ve uploaded to my Stage6 page .