iGot iPhone

Every cellphone I’ve owned has failed miserably. I don’t really ask much of my phone, other than receive and make calls. As with all my past phones, my most recent phone doesn’t seem to know when or if it needs a charge. At “fully charged” when I go to sleep it is dead in the morning. That’s just stupid.

So, rather than go through another crappy phone and watch it die within three months, I decided to make the leap to the iPhone. This probably means getting screwed by Sprint, but I’d rather take a one-time hit than limp along month after month with crap.

Setup of the iPhone was amazingly easy. By far the easiest phone to activate. Simply dock it with iTunes and you are stepped through the process online — including moving your number from another provider! Once activated the phone is ready to use immediately (incoming calls will go to your old phone for a while).

First thing I did was setup my personal IMAP email. This took a few minutes to get the setting correct, but once setup it works great. I now have full online/offline access to my IMAP mailbox from my iPhone.

After setting up email, I started to poke around. While there are a ton of options and configurations, it’s much more limiting than I’d like. The big one is there are no games, and no way to download games. Everyone knows this is a huge hole, including Apple. I suspect an update will come soon with games and an iTunes category for purchasing.

Other minor annoyances include no one-click path to the contacts list, no easy path to download ringtones/wallpaper, and no games (did I mention there are NO GAMES!?).

Overall the iPhone seems like a truly well-done gadget. Having handheld access to a WiFi-enabled fully-capable browser is really nice.

I’ll make some calls over this next week to get an idea of call quality.