RAID Works!

I picked up an Infrant RadyNAS NV+ 2TB RAID system back in may. After getting familiar with the controls and setup, I began the process of moving some of my data to the nearly bottomless storage system.

Disaster struck about a month ago. We lost power and I hadn’t setup the ReadyNAS with proper UPS. Once we got power back, the ReadyNAS refused to properly boot (complaining of a bad drive). After some talks with support, I reimaged the ROM, reinstalled it’s OS, and tried a few other tricks, but to no avail. The drive was dead.

So I replaced the failed 500GB Hitachi drive with a 750GB Seagate drive. Yup, with X-RAID, different sized drives are not a problem (you must replace a drive with equal or larger size). After an eight-hour resync, my storage is back up without any loss of data — RAID actually works!

Now, to get back to filling the terrabyte of unused space.