blogging tricks

Well, blogging has come a long way since I started dumping my brain to the net over five years ago. It has changed. Alot. It’s much closer to journalism, not because of the content, but the money. Blogging is big business.

The key to a successful blog (measured as recurring user visits) is content. Lots of content. It doesn’t even have to be all that good, just have lots of it. Keywords help to drive new users (there are blog plugins to rate your post on search engine keyword hits!). The real bread-and-butter is getting people to come back, day after day, looking to see what’s new. If they don’t see anything new, they may not come back as often, if ever. You want visitors to check back every day, which means you need daily, at least, content updates.

The problem with keeping users coming back is you need to produce content at a fairly high rate. But that’s a huge commitment. What if I go on vacation? Will all my users stop checking and never come back? What if I miss a day or two?

Solution: pre-blogging. Sit down and blog the next five, ten, or more, ‘updates’ and post-date them. Trickle them out to your users, encouraging them to check back often for more updates. This is standard practice in the blogging community. Ever read a blog and think, “wow, that guy has updated his blog *every* day for months.” Guess again.

I don’t pre-blog. Every post is dated when I wrote it. I may have a longer post which take multiple writing sessions, but I never hold back a post to spread out the updates. Just seems stupid to me; I’m not here to try to trick anyone. I really don’t care if you read my crap; heck, I don’t read it.

I think there should be a tag/bug graphic for bloggers that never pre-blog. I’d show it proudly.