360 Mistake

Yahoo! 360 , Yahoo!’s too-little-too-late attempt at social networking/blogging, has been in BETA for over two years. My natural instinct to avoid pain got the better of me after only a few months of using Y!360, when I switched back my personal blog. The pain of using Y!360 was huge back then, and not much has changed in the 18 months since I last updated my 360 blog.

I recently went back to check the feed from this site was working properly. Big mistake on my part. I should have known better. While the site is still molasses-slow, the usability issues are what really make me wonder if the site was designed by stupid monkeys … yeah, not even smart monkeys could overlook some of the design flaws.

My quick ‘check the feeds setting’ turned into a ten minute duck-duck-goose hunt. I started at ‘Settings’ (duh!). Walked (slowly) through all four settings categories. Twice. No settings for feeds anywhere within ‘Settings’, awesome. Okay, so I move on to where I can view the feeds (hoping for an edit link) under ‘My Blog > Feeds’. Well, I can see the feeds, but, that’s right, no link or any indication of how to edit these feeds. So now I start a linear search, clicking on every top-level and sub category link, one-by-one. I eventually find an obscure ‘Edit Feeds’ link on the ‘My Page’ page under feeds (about halfway down the page).

After over two years of development, Y!360 should not be on par with a middle-school class project (probably insulting all middle schoolers).

Note to self: don’t go back to Yahoo! 360 — for any reason.