Swing, Batter!

Just got back from the batting cages. Spent about two hours there, mostly hitting slow-pitch softballs, with some medium-pitch baseball. In all, I took about 400 pitches total. After I got warmed up, I actually did fairly well — considering I haven’t touched a bat in over a year. Worked on the mechanics of my swing, and it helped … alot. After getting the proper foot placement into my muscle-memory, I had to teach my hands and legs to allow me follow through completely. Getting my right hand to let go of the bat was my biggest problem, but once I did, my swing was significantly better. Turns out I hit almost exclusively dead-center; I expected to pull everything to the left. I had a hard time pushing stuff to the right. I may start going over there in the morning a few times a week.

Yes, my arms are sore. Feels great!