Site Update Complete

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working (slowly) to get my domain/site moved to a better hosting provider. I had been at CIHost for a number of years, mostly disappointed with their service. Now that I have some free time, I wanted to search out for a better solution. I looked around at a number of providers and eventually ended up here, at DreamHost .

DreamHost appears to be ideal for my needs. I went with their Code Monster plan, which gives 300GB of disk storage and 3TB/month of bandwidth. Both of these are substantially more than my old plan at CIHost . They also allow you to host any number of domains in your account, drawing from the same overall resource limits. DreamHost has an amazing web-based control panel for your account, allowing you to create users/groups, databases, edit DNS , etc. The level of control they give you is something I’ve not seen in other hosting providers, including fairly unrestrictive SSH access and crontab support. I find most providers will take away ‘extras’ if they cause too many people to screw things up; not DreamHost . Many of the knobs they openly give you could easily be misused if you’re an idiot. Clearly DreamHost is catering to the advanced user, which appears rare in my travels.

Although DreamHost does include IMAP email with my account, I preferred to separate out my email hosting to Tuffmail . While I’m sure DreamHost would do a great job at email hosting, it’s not their core business. Tuffmail only does email, and the features they provide only make this more clear. Offering hundreds of per-address control over such geek things as ‘Require FQDN in HELO/EHL’ (which I have enabled!). So far the spam/virus controls are amazingly effective, cutting my spam intake down to zero. While switching from POP to IMAP has been a wish-I-did-that-long-ago thing, the features Tuffmail gives has really show what geeked-out email hosting should look like.

Lastly, I’ve upgraded my blog to MovableType 4.0b7. I’m still working on getting all the details working, which will require some work, but for now I can at least post again! Expect the look-and-feel to change :D