Desktop Tower Defense

More and more ‘online games’ have been hitting the scene lately. Now, these are not the multiplayer-online games, but simply online… which has essentially dissolved into a description of any game which is delivered and played within a web browser (most likely Flash). The overall quality of these games continues to improve, and recently I ran across a very simple, yet addicting Online Game: Desktop Tower Defense .

The simplicity allows you to quickly pick up the basics and get playing, while the depth of gameplay keeps you hooked beyond the SomethingNew factor. The theme is you are sitting at your desk drawing missile-shooting towers to stop Creeps from running across your desk. There are six types of towers to choose from, each with slightly different abilities, and each costing different amounts of your limited currency (gold). Destroying Creeps credits you more gold, to build more towers, to destroy more Creeps, etc, etc.

The fact that the game has many different types of games (5-min game, limited resources, speed play, etc) keeps you coming back even after your first success. Even beyond the different types of games, each game has many levels, each with different Creeps. I’ve been focusing on the 5-Min timed game, which appears to have 50 levels, not that you’ll be able to get through all 50 — I usually run out of time around level 20. Overall, I’m impressed with the polish the game has, from gameplay to graphic design.

My high score for the 5-Min game is 693. Here are some screenshots of my game, clicking here will be considered cheating. You have been warned.