iWant iPhone

Apple's iPhone

Apple Computer this week introduced their iPhone and changed their company name to just Apple. The iPhone is basically a small networked computer which also happens to be a cellphone. Skip all the hype, all the flashing lights, what attracts me to this cellphone is that it’s not made by a cellphone company. I currently use Sprint service and every phone they support is sold by Sprint and made by a handful of cellphone makes just for Sprint. They disable features, they control my ringtones, they control what content I can download to the phone, etc. It’s a ridiculous amount of power they use to squeeze control of everything.

No more, at lest I hope. It appears the iPhone is breaking that mold. Download music, games, ringtones, etc, all without needing the middle-man cell company (and without paying this greedy middle-man).

As soon as this phone is available, I’m jumping with both feet.