Eudora going home

Qualcomm announced today the end of Eudora as we know it. They are planning to turn Eudora open-source and merge the code base with Mozilla (ie. Thunderbird). Qualcomm will stop selling the commercial version and support for exisitng customers will only continue through the end of their current contract/license.

Eudora has gone through quite a history, some of which I witnessed first-hand. Starting as an quasi-open-source hobby of Steve Dorner , then going from the most popular email on the planet to getting crushed by Microsoft, then Crushed by Yahoo! (online mail) … now being placed on the trophy shelf as a once-was. Clearly their sales/profit have been falling steadily, and the options have been quickly shrinking. Moving to open-source is probably the first step to extinction. I think Steve Dorner and others will merge their knowledge/features into the main Thunderbird code, and eventually Eudora will be replaced at Qualcomm with Thunderbird (if it hasn’t already).

Eudora, R.I.P.