Today Google announced they are buying YouTube for $1.65B . Good for them (YouTube, I mean). Read Mark Cuban’s take on the partnership .

YouTube is ridiculously addictive.

What makes YouTube so amazing? Well, you can find anything, yes anything! Filling any silly little interest (or fetish) you may have. Want to

see some chick’s feeble attempt at a Catwoman audition ?

Or maybe you’d like to see some Asian girl’s rant about what “asian” means ? It’s all there.

Ever wonder if four guys could throw a girl through a basketball hoop ? Wonder no more.

Want to know what Yellow Fever is all about? Yup, it’s explained in a 15-min movie (very funny).

Ever try dropping some Mentos in a cola bottle ? Now you know what happens.

Think the police always catch the bad guys ? Nope.

Forget those dance moves from yester-year ? No longer.

Need a butterfly knife demonstration ?

Ok, I’ve been away from YouTube for far too long .. need to

get back. Later.