Poor Design

Despite Apple Computer’s effort, USB plugs are everywhere. Ports are in nearly everyone’s computer now, and are popping up in monitors, keyboards, printers, game machines, and anything else you may need to tap into. It’s a great example of a simple technology making serious improvements in how we handle data. The floppy? What’s that? Thumb drive? Oh, yeah, I got mine on my key chain. Perfect!

Problem? Well, the USB plug is poorly designed. It’s not symmetrical. Most of these ports are nearly hidden from view — the back of my monitor, the bottom one-inch of my PC, the back of my keyboard … which means I’m most likely to be plugging these things in blind. Why would such a port be designed to need the inside of the plug be aligned with the inside of the port? Bah. Dumb. Stupid. The next connect-everything-together technology better allow plugs be inserted without needed to look inside the port.