Don’t Do Windows

Went to LinuxWorld SF 2006 yesterday. Some highlights:

  • RedHat no show. For the first time, RedHat had no presence at LinuxWorld. Nobody seemed to know why. I’m guessing they haven’t seen much growth, so the ROI wasn’t there.
  • Novell is pushing hard. They had a huge booth and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 won Best of Show. When SUSE was bought out by Novell, I wasn’t sure they were going to get behind it; well, they did.
  • The SUSE for the rest of us.
  • Splunk looks cool. An IT tool to index and present IT data — they showed me how you can use it for logs. Thinking about installing the free version.
  • fedora on an Mac Mini (Intel). I was hoping to see this and I did. Apparently fedora (and most distros?) support Mac Mini installs from their base installer.
  • slashdot and sourceforge area. Non-stop college party. They had couches, beanbags, plants, and a projection TV .. not that far removed from a doom room. Played trivia games during most of the show.
  • Apple! This is the first time seeing Apple at LinuxWorld. They were showing ‘integration’ with Linux, either via VM or remote desktop stuff. Fairly boring booth that didn’t get much attention. Nice to see them show, anyway.
  • Geek Entertainment TV. Never heard of these guys, but they had a camera crew and girl interviewing nearly everyone at the show.
  • had a couple of models in stripper outfits walking the floor promoting their launch party. They did a pretty crappy job of promoting anything other than how to dress like a hooker.

Oh, my M Coupe got around 30 MPG in 6th gear doing cruising on the trip home.