Please, No More Fax!

It’s time. All companies need to stop requiring documents be faxed. I’ve never owned a fax machine and I never will own a fax machine. It was useful in it’s time, but that time has passed.

Dumb Company: “Ok, sir, please just fax us a copy of the certificate and I will credit your account.”

Me: “Will an email from them do? Oh, and I don’t own a fax machine.”

Dumb Company: “That’s fine, just print the email and fax it from your local copy-fax store.”

Me: “Umm, can I just email it to you directly?”

Dumb Company: “No, our system is not setup for that?”

Me: “You don’t have email?”

Dumb Company: “We have email, sir, but we need a faxed copy for approval.”

My head hurts.