Too Much Attention

So, after picking up my M Coupe, something strange and unexpected happened. I became the center of attention. Blah. At work, that seems to be all people are talking about … people I don’t really know are asking, “how’s the car?” Ok, so the car is great… but, it’s just a car. Not that I have any negative feelings towards these people, I just didn’t expect to have so many people reading my blog and having a glimpse into my boring little life.

This attention-grabbing status hit a new level this morning. While driving to work some young Asian kid in a Rice Rocket raced from three to four blocks back to pull up just behind me (cutting off many people in the process). He inched closer, to the point where I could no longer see his bumper in my rear view mirror. I thought he wanted to race or something … then he pulled out a digital camera and took a picture of me (well, my car). Damn.

So, the rear side of my car and probably the back of my head are on some guy’s blog today. Oh joy.

I should sell pictures of my car to the tabloids.