Don’t Run With Scissors…

…or use a box cutter without getting your fingers out of the way.

I cut my finger back on Monday night, pretty bad it turns out. At the time I just wrapped it up in a bandaid. When I checked it today, the wound wasn’t closing well, so I went to Urgent Care this morning just to be safe. The Doc said I probably should have gone for stitches, but it was way too late for that now. He said the wound looked fine; there was no signs of infection, nor any puss. Because the cut was on my finger and near a joint, any movement of my finger will open the wound and make healing very slow. So he splinted my finger, which I need to wear 24×7 for 10 days. blah. Next time I go get stitches, even if it costs $2000 per ER visit.

They also asked if I have had a Tetanus shot recently. I had no idea, but I dout it. I called Tiff for a second opinion, and she also felt okay with me getting the shot today. Turns out the shot is a cocktail, called Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis). The shot is pretty common, and just makes your arm hurt for a couple days — which mine does right now.