Barbie Girl is amazing. The simple solution to sharing video has brought out the entertainer in thousands, especially with the hugely popular karaoke-style video lip-syncing. This has even gave rise to sites like .

Probably the most famous video to date is Gary Brolsma’s Numa Numa (see full background at wikipedia ), having spawned hundreds of copy-cat Numa Numa videos .

I recently ran across Lynne & Tessa’s video of Barbie Girl . I was impressed, one of the better videos I’d seen. I spent some time to find other videos they have done: Get Down , Join Me , Move Your Feet , Skater Boy , This Love , Wannabe , What a Girl Wants , Don’t Speak , It’s Not Unusual , and Lucky .

I’m fairly sure The RIAA will find something illegal about this and the links above won’t last forever. I’m looking for a way to permanently download these videos locally.