Job Well Done

I’m having my front door replaced this Friday (assuming the sun shows up). This was planned about a month ago, since it’s a custom door. Over two weeks ago we looked around and decided on the lockset we wanted installed with the door. Since the door is custom installed, we really need to have the lockset before the door is installed.

Two weeks back I ordered the lockset we wanted at, a site which seemed large and well designed. A few days after placing my order I received an email telling me the item is backordered, but they expect it to ship within a week. This didn’t sound good, but I felt there was enough time, so I waited. Over a week later I called and find out they still haven’t shipped the item. At this point I’m less than a week away from my door install. They tell me ‘we received your item Friday’ (this was Monday) ‘and we’ll ship it today or tomorrow morning’. Ok, I wait again. Call the next day and I’m told, ‘we dont have you item, we should get it within a week.’ No good, time to fix the problem.

I search the web and start calling. I find The site looks fairly crappy and my call was directed to some guys cell phone who told me he ‘was working on a job’. After some talking, he tells me they have the item I want in stock. I order the item on the site, chose overnight shipping, and cross my fingers. I expected, at best, that they would ship it today.

To my surprise, the lockset arrived on my desk this morning — less than 24hrs after I placed the order. Now, I never received an email from them, nor a phone call, nothing, but they did what I wanted and got me the item, fast!

Job well done!