Nerf Hoops!

I’ve always loved the Nerf basketball — the original. They don’t seem to make the original anymore (sigh). Now they offer two models, one they call Nerfoop (said to be ‘a classic’) and a more modern Nerf Nite Jam Nerfoop . The ‘Nite Jam’ thing is a gimmick, adding lights to the backboard, rim, and get this, THE BALL! Yup, you put batteries in the ball and it lights up. dumb. dumb. dumb. All I want is the simple original, no lights, no batteries.

Looking around online, the Nerfoop (without all the lights) is nearly impossible to find. Some places list it, but have no stock. I was able to find an order form on Hasbro’s site , tho. I think this is for ‘replacement parts’, but you can basically order the whole thing one piece at a time. I may do this and get multiple of each.