PSP arrives

The PSP launched (in US) today.

Strolled into Fry’s (Sunnyvale) this morn at 8am to check out the situation with getting a Playstation Portable (PSP). I expected to see a line out the building and across the street, considering this guy waited almost two days outside The Metreon. To my surprise, no line outside. I walked inside and still no sign of the hysteria I expected. As I got towards the back of the store I began to see customers heading in the opposite direction with some paperwork .. I caught a glimpse of ‘PSP’ on the paper and I knew I was in the right place.

Turns out the line when I got there was no more than 15 people. The process was simple, grab a flyer, pick a bundle, grab the games and get in line. The line was, I’m guessing, only to confirm you had all the bundle pieces (so you can’t buy just the PSP). Looking over the flyer and the four bundles, I quickly realized the Need For Speed game was most popular — and part of bundles #1 and #2. The hot asian girl working the ‘bundle table’ (they always seem to have hot asian girls at these gammer things) said bundles #1 and #2 were sold out (since Need For Speed was gone), so I’d have to chose another. The other bundles pretty much sucked. I mulled around and was able to find a hidden copy of NFS. Then I search some more and was able to find the rare items for both bundle #1 and #2, which each required two games.

After some quick browsing, I was settled on what I was going to get: the PSP Value Pack, plus Need For Speed Underground Rivals , Lumines , Spider-Man 2 , Metal Gear Acid .

They were also pushing a bunch of other extras, like Memory Sticks, cables, cases, etc. I skipped all that, only considering the Memory Stick momentarily. Turns out the PSP (which you didn’t physically get ’til you got to the register) includes 32MB Memory Stick. The fact that you don’t have access to the box when they’re trying to sell you these accessories is kinda predatory. I resited their ways and am happy with the purchase.

Now I have to wait ’til tonite to plug it in and play. Let the countdown begin.

[Update 09:30AM] Just found PSP Connect , which shows you how to download videos to the PSP — very cool!