Who Are You?

When I first registered a domain (in 1999) I had used fake info for the whois record, since I’ve always been hesitant to make my name/address/phone/email publically available. A couple years later I added a valid email, but left the physical address/phone incomplete. Recently the registrars have been under pressure to force domain owners to have complete and accurate whois info. Fearing my domain could be taken away, I recently changed all my records to contain the physical address and phone number of my work. I’ve seen others do this and it made sense to me. It limits the security questions and allows snail mail to arrive.

I recently found that kevinrose.com is using protectfly.com as the whois info. Looks like registerfly.com offers this as a pay service. You register with them and they give you an ID, this ID and their contact info is added to your whois record, including email. I assume they forward everything directly to your. It’s billed as a way to protect your privacy. Interesting idea. Does this jive well with internic?