I ordered World of Warcraft from last night. This MMORPG game is becoming fairly popular, mainly for its great game play. Everyone is talking about it. I think it initially came out in early December, but I was waiting to see if it was any good. Looks good, so I tried to get a copy. Nobody has any; I mean nobody. The rumor is that Blizzard didn’t expect the sales (breaking records, btw) to be this good and their struggling to build out capacity for their servers — so, they have slowly distribution (read as: stopped) for a while, since the servers can’t really handle any more players.

I have called all the local stores: Fry’s, EB, EBX, and GameStop. Everyone says the same thing, ‘sold out and we haven’t seen any for a number of days’. lists a mid-February ship date, says ‘out of stock’.

While looking (unsuccessfully) for World of Warcraft, I noticed some places had a World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition priced anywhere from $80 to $150. Looks like the same game with some extras in the box. Very few places even listed the Collector’s Edition as an item, and most that did were sold out … until I found listing it as ‘Usually Ships Within 24 Hours’. Unfortunately the price was $150. I debated, but eventually I caved and ordered it with overnight shipping. If it doesn’t ship by tomorrow, I’ll cancel the order Friday.