The Screen Savers should have been saved

I’ve been a dedicated fan, viewer, and evangalist of The Screen Savers for a couple years now. I was sad when Morgan Web and Martin Sargent moved on to their own shows (X-Play and Unscrewed, respecively), but the show continued and was still excellent.

Tiffany and I actually went up to SF to watch the live show/taping. This was just after Morgan and Martain left, but Leo Laport and Patrick Norton really pulled the whole show together. We met both Leo and Patrick after the show (and during commericals); both excellent top-notch guys with tons of on-camera talent.

Since TechTV has been bought by G4 (can someone explain why this happened!?), The Screen Savers has gone to crap. Leo, Patrick and Yoshi left, the format changed, the whole show moved to LA; it was basically a new show. The only talented person left was Kevin Rose. He’s great at sharing geeky stuff with geeks and not-so-geeks, but he’s terrible at hosting — which they forced him into. They teamed him up with new guy, Alex Albrecht for a few weeks, then dropped Alex for some other new guy, Kevin Pereira. They added Chi-Lan Lieu, who is a tech-idiot and poor on-camera personality. They dropped Dan Huard and a bunch of other off-camera people in December.

The show sucks now. The don’t really talk about the news, the ‘segments’ are aweful, no more mods, no more product comparisons, nothing. At times it looks like an SNL skit (I swear I see Kevin Rose trying not to laugh at the whole show himself).

So this is it, I’m not watching TSS anymore and since this was the only show I really watched on G4/TechTV, I’ll probably never tune in to the channel again. Sad end to a great run.

Thanks to Leo, Patrick, Yoshi, Dan, Kevin, and all the other TSS originals for working so hard to put together a great show over the years. I truly think it was some of the best television ever. You all will be missed.

Good bye TSS.