Going fast…

Tiffany and I went to the San Jose Auto Show this past weekend and after looking at hundreds of cars and trucks I was even more certain that my next car will be the Lotus Elise . Priced at just over $40K, it’s the ‘supercar which mortal men can afford’. One quote which I liked from a recent car mag: ‘has corvette-like speed and sips gas like a civic’. Found this site , which has tons of info about the US version of the Elise.

I remember when I was 16 and just getting into cars, my dad and I were at a dealer (I think VW) and they had a used Lotus Esprit on the showroom floor. I dreamed about that car for years. Recently I’ve been leaning my tastes more and more towards small lightweight sports cars. Having owned a Dodge Neon ACR for a few years, I know how much fun a quick, light car can be. I had seen review of the European Elise on TV a few years back, and was blown away. When Lotus announced a USA version, I had a feeling I’d want one, assuming they made the transition to the US well.

We’ll see, maybe sometime this Summer I’ll look into ordering one.