I’m going to fix my teeth this year. I’ve never had braces and over the past 5+ years, my bite has shifted slightly. My front teeth now overlap quite a bit and cause a fair amount of discomfort. I’d like to get everything straightened out with braces, but not sure what kind or where to go.

I had a consult at SmileGarden , which is just down the street from where I lived last year (have since moved). The dentist, Ardy Salem, is a very energetic, outgoing guy. They do vaneers more than braces, but I checked them out anyway. The biggest problem is they don’t really do insurance very well; they make you pay everything cash and send the info to the insurer. Typically, they say, the insurance company will send you a check in the mail for any covered portion. For me, the initial check-up xray, which I know is at least paritally covered, resulted in me paying the whole thing … never heard from the dentist or the insurance company. I’m not going to fight it out to get the money for each visit. I would consider going back if/when decide I want vaneers, but not for day-to-day dental. Oh, Dr. Salem recommened vaneers (even tho I said I wanted braces), but said braces before vaneers would make the end result slightly better.

Next I think I’ll check out this place: Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry , which is only about 15 mins from work.