Played Age of Empires II: Age of Kings , The Conquerors Expansion last night at work. First game was quick 3-on-2, Julia defeated the other team — I just quietly sat back. Second game was long 2-on-3 and I was nearly wiped out, then Julia was cleaned. This second game was recorded, so I may post it later.

I haven’t played in 4 years or so; it’s clearly a game where you must follow the prescribed ‘fast build’ tree or you’ll be left behind. Julia plays very often and has such a build order memorized.

It’s fairly boring for me to just follow a simple build order; I like to try different (random) builds.

To be fair I have no idea what units are good/bad and what techs are needed, nor do I even know what have the civs are. Maybe I’ll practice, but it’s unlikely given how much time it needed and how many better games are out now.