My top-priority project of The New Year is transferring my family’s old home movies to digital format (from Super8). I’ve been told this is rare and impossible to find. After some skipping and hoping around the net, I found “telecine ” is the process of film transfer.

Most 8mm transfers are done by recording the projected movie. This has some issues like sound sync, image quality and data loss. The best systems scan frame-by-frame at a computer-controlled frequency, compiling the frames into a movie during output.

The high-end of the frame-by-frame transfers are usualy known as ‘Rank Cintel’, named after the equipment from Cintel International.

I was able to find many places in LA which do telecine, some using Cintel, some using other comparable equipment — so it’s not hard to find afterall!

Initially I was resigned to using a place out of LA, but this was going on the info I had (that very few places do this). After some searching, I found Super 8 Cinema Post Production Services in San Francisco. They do frame-by-frame telecine for a reasonable price.