Slow Depot

Owning my own house means I’m spending more time at Home Depot. For small hardware items and a good selection, it’s fairly good. For large items or service orders, I’ve found they are molasses-slow.

One of the first items I need to fix in my house is the interal doors. Three bedrooms and a closet. The current doors are old, dirty, broken, and warped — oh, and ugly. I paid some guy (via Home Depot) $100 to spend 10 mins ‘measuring’ my doors. That took 6 days to schedule. Then I needed to ‘complete the order process’ (read as: pay), so I went down last weekend and did just that. This week I get a call telling me the order is ‘on hold,’ because the order is incomplete. I had wanted them to add the handle bore during manufacturing, but apparently that’s not possible?! Oh, yeah, and even though it was on the order, I wasn’t charged for it. So, the order was resubmitted without the bore request. So now I’m getting the slabs without and handle holes.

I’m still debating if I need to pay Home Depot to install the doors — at $200 per door. I’d also like to get some pant on the doors; yup, that’s extra.

I think at this point I’m just going to wait ’til the doors are delivered and see if I can get a contractor to install the doors (outside the Home Depot Universe).