Flatten Your Life

Well, I broke down and picked up an LCD monitor, the Samsung 191t . I had been looking for this monitor for a few weeks (based on this review at AnandTech ), but it it being replaced by the 191t+ soon, so stock is low. Fry’s didn’t have any new boxes, they were trying to offload their floor models (no discount). Then I was at BestBuy (the new one at Santana Row) last night and they had one left. I paid $700 and get $100 in rebates, so with tax it’s about $650 — not much higher than the lowest Internet price of $630.

So far ths Monitor is great. I’m currently in portrait mode (the monitor pivots), so I get a narrow (1024) by very tall (1280) display. Very nice. Make sure you upgrade the pivot software (PivotPro ) which comes with the monitor.

Running in all digital mode (DVI) at the moment and everything is crystal clear and super bright — blows away the 21″ Sony CRT. In analog mode it’s almost as clear and just as bright. The analog mode takes more fine-tuning, as most of the controls only work in analog.

The only downside so far is I can’t get my Linux boot to use the digital output. As soon as X starts it kicks over to the analog display. I’ll spend some more time hunting down the cause some other time.

Overall the monitor is a big improvement over any I’ve had before.