Fixit Man

I live with two girls, which means if I don’t fix it, then it doesn’t get fixed. This weekend I spent some time and fixed a few things.

The front door. The door was installed by an idiot. The deadbolt didn’t fit well in the jam, and the entire door wasn’t square with the frame, so it was hard to open/close. The lock was nearly impossible to turn, since the bolt would hit the plate. I fixed both problems and the door and lock both open and close effortlessly.

I also installed some outdoor yard lighting. These are the small lights you stick in the ground and are solar powered, so you don’t need any wires. We’ll see if they get enough light to charge completely. Overall I think they look good and should add some light to the outside; especially when the kiddies come by for Halloween.

I tried to fix the outdoor garage light, but I couldn’t get it working. I replaced the bulb and checked the top-mounted light sensor. I think the whole thing in broken. Maybe we’ll ask the landlord to get a new one which I can install.

I also picked up some shop lights for the garage. I’ll hang these and trigger them with a motion switch. Kinda tired now, so maybe I’ll do that some other day.

Now off to watch some football and rest a little.