Pretty Simple

Ran across an article in Sound & Vision (Nov/2003) which reviewed the Omnifi DMS1 Digital Media Streamer . Yes, this is the next-gen of the SimpleFi, which I worked on at SimpleDevices a couple years back. Looks like Rockford Corp and SimpleDevices teamed up to form this new product line. I suspect the hardware is mostly SimpleDevices with added goodies from Rockford, and the software is al Simple … SimpleDevices, that is.

It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure it’s all that useful. Basically they’re banking on wireless access to your music is a big win. I’m not sure this is true. It seems like most people are happy if their music is portable (ie . iPod).

The tell-tale sign of SimpleDevices is near the end of the review when they said the software locked up their Windows box multiple times.

Hmm, wonder how Bill Boiko is doing? I lost contact with him after he talked about moving East.