Tape Be Gone!

I’ve recently been thinking about buying a DVD Recorder (the VCR-like thing, not a DVD-R drive for my PC). My main motivation is getting stuff off my Tivo for permanent storage. I have at least two shows on there now with the big green icon (for non-Tivo users, this indicated a show which will never be auto-deleted). I’d like some way of getting these shows to offline storage. Oh, and I promised myself never to own another tape-based product.

The contenders are Philips DVDR985, Panasonic DMR-E100HS, or the Sony RDR-GX7. CNet has a review/comparison thing: CNET DVD Recorder reviews . I’d like to have non-linear editing capabilities (remove commercials), and some way of easily getting multiple shows onto a single DVD. Component video *IN* would be nice, but it doesn’t seem any have this (yet).

For now I’ll keep looking.