Can You Find Me?

I recently received an email from my domain registrar ( telling me I must “keep [my] WHOIS contact information up-to-date” and that “provision of false contact information is sufficient basis for cancellation of a domain name registration.” Apparently this WHOIS requirement is set forth by ICANN . Currently my WHOIS record has my full name and a contact email address. Of course has my full address (as well as my credit card info) on file, but why should I be required to list my address and phone number in the public WHOIS database?

I’m considering my options. Maybe I should get a Post Office box and list that? Should I switch my domain to another registrar? I certainly don’t want to lose my domain, but I’m guessing millions of domains don’t have complete info and isn’t going to kill their own business by dropping a huge chunk of their customers … are they?